Keeping in touch

Keeping you informed of what is happening at school is an important part of what we do. To help us, it is essential that we have up to date telephone numbers and email addresses for you so you don’t miss out on any important messages.

If your contact details change, please inform us immediately.


In Case of Emergency

If your child is unfortunate enough to fall ill or have an accident, they will initially be looked after one of our staff trained in First Aid. However, if they need more urgent medical treatment or need to go home, we will need to be able to reach you by ‘phone, so we ask for your home, work and mobile phone numbers.

We also subscribe to a bulk email and text service. We use this to send out emergency text messages to a large group of parents. For example if the school is closed due to snow or a class trip is expected back late.



We aim to send out a newsletter every week with a round up of what’s happened in school during the week and a reminder of any important events in the next week or so. The newsletter is published on our website and sent out by email to subscribers.


Online Payments System

If you sign up to our online payments system, Agora, you will be notified by email when the credit on your child’s dinner money account is getting low and if there are any trips where we are asking for a contribution from parents to cover the cost. As well as paying online, you can also give permission for your children to attend the trip online.  We cannot issue you an activation code for your online account until we have received and processed your Data Collection form.



We use a bulk email service to send out letters to groups of parents (e.g. about a class trip) and to individual parents (e.g. if you owe money for school dinners or breakfast club).

Please check your spam folder if you don’t seem to be receiving these.



There is lots of useful information on the school website. The school day is very busy and it is very helpful to the school staff if you can look there in the first instance for answers to your questions. Of course, we will be happy to help if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Each term, the class teachers will write a letter about what the children will be learning in class and these should also be posted on the relevant class page within the first couple of weeks of each term.


Book Bags

Please check book bags regularly for messages from your class teacher.