Here are our Stars of the Week for the past few weeks!

Week ending 1st October:

Owl Class: Joachim – for independent writing

Robin Class: Kocio – for amazing mental maths and Giulio for an improved and very positive attitude to writing

Woodpecker Class: – Macarena: for excellent English work and Haruki for improved behaviour in class

Eagle Class: – Christopher – for amazing research into his area of interest in the Second World War topic.

Week ending 8th October:

Owl Class: Umme Hurraira – for always having a determined attitude to her school work

Robin Class: Isabella – for excellent story-writing

Woodpecker Class: Ted – for improving his writing

Eagle Class: Andrej – for research about the experiences his family had during the Second World War

Week ending 15th October:

Owl Class: Davis – for having a positive attitude to his school work

Robin Class: Xander – for working independently and helping others

Woodpecker Class: Sara – for working really hard in maths

Eagle Class: Georgia – for excellent work in geography

Week ending 22nd October:

Owl Class: Teo – for perseverance

Robin Class: Kocio – for all he has done at Park Street, and to wish him success at St Albans

Woodpecker Class: Marielene – for always being on task

Eagle Class: Cedd – for amazing poetry writing

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