All of the staff at Park Street have recently had some important Safeguarding Training regarding the online harms that are sometimes targeted at children, especially regarding sexual harassment. It has been brought to our notice that there is a document for parents, to help you to speak to your children about these dangers, produced by ‘The Children’s Commissioner’. You can read the full document here:

Please have a look at this and think about the world your child will have to navigate online. The guide stresses that it is best for parents to start these conversations before your child has their own mobile phone and the ability to connect to social media. It is a very ‘common sense’ and practical guide, written with the advice and guidance of some older ‘young people’, who have thought about what they wish their parents had discussed with them when they were younger.

However, we will not be having these conversations at school, as we realise that it is important for parents to consider what is appropriate for their child and at what age. We will continue to address issues raised by the children and will inform you straight away if anything is brought to our attention in their online behaviour that we are concerned about. We will continue to teach our RSE curriculum and Online Safety, as outlined on our curriculum pages.

If you would like to speak to anybody at school about this, please do not hesitate to contact me via the office email address.

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