Welcome back for a new academic year!

This year we have some funding from Church Schools of Cambridge for developing the children’s ‘Character Education’. We will have our own representative from the company working with the children one day per week, carrying out practical missions and problem solving activities with them. These are mainly linked to our curriculum, but will also develop the children’s ‘Respect’ characteristics – see the graphic above. The teachers will also be using these characteristics in their lessons with the children, to help them to understand what they mean and apply them in their learning and behaviour. It would be helpful if you could also talk about them at home!

Commando Joes is an organisation which has been working with schools for many years in this way, developing leadership and problem solving characteristics with children. There is more information and the results of research projects showing their effectiveness, on their website here:


Please take a look to find out more!

Also, see below for photographs of Robin Class and Y1 working with ‘Commando Dan’ on Tuesday this week. They were working out how to put out the ‘Great Fire of London’ using water from the river Thames!


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