Class Two have been asking members of staff about their childhoods, as part of their history project. Mrs Clipsham showed the children her photograph album of herself and her family when she was younger. They were really interested in the different clothes and hairstyles!

At Musical Theatre Club, some of the children have also been learning a dance from a musical. Follow the link to the Flamingo Dancing video.

Stars of the Week (ending 16th October):
Owl Class: Xander—for being helpful to others
Flamingo Class: Tobias—for excellent work in DT, and Leo—for working hard to improve his maths
Woodpecker Class: Ted—for working hard all week and persevering when things are difficult
Eagle Class: Ben—for showing growth mindset in his learning

Stars of the Week (ending 23rd October)
Owl Class: Isabella—for learning to write the letter ‘t’ correctly
Flamingo Class: Aldous for writing a wonderful poem.
Woodpecker Class: Hattie for being resilient and working hard
Eagle Class:
Hari—for thinking of ways to challenge himself in maths
Hester—for showing resilience in maths by continuing a problem at home

Best wishes

Sarah Hawker

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