Please see the email below from the Mental health Support Team. These sessions are very useful and are open to anyone who feels they would like more advice about managing their child’s  behaviour:



“Following the positive feedback received from the  parent/carer webinar to support anxiety in children last term, we have decided to offer another two webinars focused on helping parents/carers to support their children with behavioural difficulties.


These webinars are based upon the evidence-based parent/carer-led behaviour intervention and will cover topics such as delivering effective praise, maximising quality/special time with children, and learning how to use routines and commands to create structure and help children feel safe. We will also help parents/carers explore the underlying reasons for children’s behaviour and what thoughts and feelings children may be experiencing.


As with our previous webinars, these webinars are classed as psychoeducation rather than a one-to-one/group intervention, meaning there is no referral process and all parents/carers are welcome to attend. We will distribute the links to all the primary schools for mental health leads to please forward onto all parents/carers who may be interested.


The webinar will be offered in two parts:


Following the final webinar, we will provide a handout to all mental health leads for parents/carers to request if they would like a written summary of the webinar content.”