Despite the heat, some dynamic learning has been happening in all the groups this week:

  • Our Reception bubble have been continuing with the wonderful ‘Balanceability’.
  • Mrs Orrock’s group have been experimenting with spinners to see which drop the slowest, card or paper.
  • Mrs Holmes’ group learned a new dance today – yes even though it was 30 degrees!
  • Mrs Du Toit’s group at St John’s have been practising for their Midsummer Night’s Dream video. They have also been investigating woodlice and learning to draw pie charts!

Stars of the week this week are:

Reception: Leo for learning to do a ‘push and glide’ on his balanceability bike.
Mrs Holmes’ bubble: Jake for working hard all week.
Mrs Orrock’s bubble: Maria for making valuable contributions in every lesson.
St John’s bubble: Ophelia for learning her lines for her parts ‘Theseus’ and ‘Oberon’.
Friday bubble: Clara for settling in well.

Online learning:
Nikolas and Marielene: for uploading some excellent work to Teams.
Christopher: for making an amazing sundial.
Callie: for writing a wonderful story.

Phew. What a week, one way and another, but it’s good to keep in routine for the children.

Best wishes,

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