It was a great pleasure to give out some very well-earned attendance awards at the end of this term. Despite all the awful colds and viruses spreading through the school, some children still managed 100% attendance for this term. They were:

Christopher, Ryker, Arthur Thornely, William Taylor-Lewis, Audrey, Matilda, Zhoobin, Anja Dragojevic, Sophia Dominiak, Kaius, Sebastian, Henry Heywood and Isabella.

Zhoobin received an extra prize for having 100% attendance for all of last year, as well as all of this term! What a superstar!

Christopher and Sebastian also made a fantastic improvement to get to 100%, increasing their attendance by 12% each.

Other awards for children making great improvements went to:

Lucien, Ainara, Daniel, Macarena, Gioia and Isla Doran, who all increased by over 6% – Gioia by 9% and Isla by 8%.

Remember, even if you don’t manage 100%, you can still work hard to improve your score by being here every day possible!

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