On Wednesday, we were all delighted to welcome Sonita Alleyne, Master of Jesus College, to Park Street. Hari, Andrej, Yvet and Bradley did a wonderful job of showing her around, informing her about our school and their learning. She was very impressed with the calm, happy atmosphere at Park Street. We are hoping that we will be able to work together to increase opportunities for our children and her students!

The Reception children have all started now, and have made a good start. We are all looking forward to getting to know them better, as they stay for lunch next week.

I have invited two peripatetic music teachers to Park Street, to perform for the children and to find out if anybody would like to have lessons in school. Mr Robert Bullock will be offering to teach the piano, and Ms Sharon Sullivan, the violin. If you would be interested in your child taking lessons on this basis, and they are enthusiastic about it after the demonstrations,  please email the office. These will be taking place on Monday 20th September (piano) and Monday 27th September (violin).

Stars of the Week

Last week:

Owl Class: Freya – for making a great start to Year One

Robin Class: Sissi – for showing independence in her start to Year Two

Woodpecker Class: Izzy – for being enthusiastic about all her learning

Eagle Class: Yvet- for showing great improvements in maths

This week:

Owl Class: Dylan – for working hard to improve his writing in Year One

Robin Class: Benji – for helping Robin class to learn about Judaism

Woodpecker Class: Maria – for making a great start to Year Three

Eagle Class: Rosa – for making confident contributions in lessons

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