Dear Parents/Carers, 

On Wednesday, the school council met and discussed several things. First of all, we talked about charities and raising money. One child thought it was a good idea to raise money for a homeless charity, such as Cambridge Churches Homeless Project. Mrs. Hawker contacted them to find out.  We could also set up a JustGiving page for people to donate to.  

Another child suggested a quiz sheet, to sell to the children for £1 or £2. There will be prizes for the people who get the most questions correct. 

On the topic of curriculum, children thought that a wider range of topics for the classes to choose from was a good idea. This could be a choice given to them for one topic per year. The children could choose from three or four options that their teacher knows will cover the objectives. For example, Eagle class would like their science lessons to include more interactive experiments. Children would also like to learn about more historical events in other countries such as the French revolution. 

The school council also spoke about keeping safe. All counsellors said that they feel safe and that they do not think there is any bullying at Park Street. They said that the children feel safe in their classrooms; although, the toilets need to be improved so that the locks work and all the children treat this space respectfully. All children feel that they can go to an adult if they have any worries. 

Amelie and Callie would like to run exercises and other fun activities on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as an optional alternative to daily mile. Children could choose either Daily Mile or the activities. If they are not respectful towards the children leading, they will have to do Daily Mile. Counsellors in KS2 would like to do some climbing, as they are quite limited in their physical activity in the playground. Mrs. Hawker will investigate whether we do a trip to a climbing wall. 

Other topics we discussed were, proper football goals for the Green, more clubs such as a board game club, chess club and art club. Also, could the mats be for the Y6 children to eat their packed lunches as they are not getting as many privileges as previous year sixes due to COVID. Another idea was that all children would be able to suggest books for others to read (displays in Eagle and Robin classrooms or reading areas in the classes). 


The School Council 

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