The School Council met this week, to discuss ideas from the classes for improving our school. The most common ideas were having more equipment for playtimes, more clubs and a buddy stop for children to find a friend to play with. Owl Class wanted their ‘Adventure Shed’ to be for activities again, Robin Class would like more healthy school meals, Woodpecker Class said that they need larger tables and chairs, as the ones they have are not comfortable, and more laptops. Finally, Eagle Class had ideas to improve the curriculum – they would like to do more Design Technology lessons. In addition, they would like to improve their reading area. Some members of the School Council have agreed to write to the PTA to ask if they would be able to fund some of the items required. Mrs Hawker has agreed to contact the caterers to see if they might come in to listen to the children’s ideas about the meals. Mr Sharpe has agreed to help the children with ideas to refresh the Eagles library and also will run a chess and board games club in September. Mrs Hawker explained to the children that we do have to do English and maths every day, to enable everybody to be ready for secondary school, so the other subjects, including DT are limited to once-a-week, or a theme day every half term. The children were assured that all the teachers love teaching these subjects, and try to do them as much as possible!

We also discussed fundraising for charities. The children would like to raise money for Ukraine, by holding a cake sale. They would also like a ‘bright clothes’ day, where they pay money to wear something cheerful. As we have just been lucky enough to have new toilets installed, we would like also like to raise money for ‘Toilet Twinning’. Please see their website (  for more details. This will be through a ‘Justgiving’ page – look out for more details in the near future!

We also discussed whether everybody feels safe in school. the ‘feedback’ from the classes was that the children do feel safe. However, they feel that this could be improved by having a ‘buddy spot’, where they can stand if they want somebody to play with them, on the Green. Some children also said that there are times when they want to be on their own, and are quite happy like this. The whole school thought about this, and we have a sign to make to communicate this to others politely. Ask your child what this is – see if they can remember!

Finally, Eagle Class would like a class fish. If anybody has a tank they could donate to the school, this would be most welcome!

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