Our School Council met yesterday, to discuss improvements they would like to see at Park Street, and ways of raising some money for the BBC Children in Need Appeal next week. Please see the separate post about this. Here are the secretaries working together to organise their communication with the rest of the school!

They also discussed:

  • The United Nations Rights of the Child
  • Whether we have enough physical activity in school
  • How to make sure that everybody feels safe in school – all the councillors said that they did, and decided to speak to their classes about ways to communicate if they have worries
  • Ways to make our school ‘greener’: more plants around the school, particularly in the Key Stage Two playground; always making sure that lights, computers and screens are switched off when not in use – we are going to make posters to remind people of this
  • Requests from the classes –  bigger portions of food for school meals, larger cups for water, basketballs and balls with hoops to play with at playtime

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