Hello to All at Home and at School

Hello everybody working at home and at school!  The challenge at the moment is making sure that we all still feel part of Park Street. It is great to see from the online survey so far, that you mostly do. Thank you to everybody who has already completed it; thank you also for your amazingly positive responses. These have been passed on to the teachers – they are all working incredibly hard at the moment, and it will do everybody’s well-being good to hear that you think it is all worthwhile!

Everybody has been producing good-quality writing this week, whether working at home or in school. Please have a look at the pictures the teachers have shared with me! It is lovely to see the children making excellent progress with their learning, whatever the situation. Covid-19 cannot beat us! I also really enjoyed Henry’s animation of ‘The Vanishing Forest’, and the Woodpecker’s rainforest pictures. Signing Club took place this week with some children at home, and some at school. They all really enjoyed joining in with their friends. We will try to do this next week with the Eagles and Woodpeckers too.

Have a good week!

Sarah Hawker
22 January 2021

As a school we seek to be child-led. When the Governing Body asked the pupils across the entire school to discuss what our core values are, this is what they said:

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