Editors and Producers at Park Street!

Children in all classes have been busy editing and producing final pieces of writing this week. Have a look at their work in the images gallery below.

Flamingo class have been writing poems, then editing them by improving their punctuation and spelling.

Woodpecker class have produced final versions of their poems for display.

Eagle class have been using Howard Carter’s diary of his discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb as inspiration for their own version of this, writing in the style of a 1922 diary, rather than using their own ‘turn of phrase’. Here are some examples by Noah, Leorah and Callie.

Flamingo Class have also finished designing and making their own vehicles. Two of the children have made videos talking about their designs:
How I made my car
How I made the Caxi

Woodpecker Class have also been busy in designing and making: they have made their own ‘Minotaur Mazes’.

Best wishes

Sarah Hawker

18 October 2020

As a school we seek to be child-led. When the Governing Body asked the pupils across the entire school to discuss what our core values are, this is what they said:

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