As many of you know, we weren’t able to hold our annual Bake Off in the same way this year so instead opted for a contact-free creative alternative for our autumn fundraiser. We were blown away by the entries received for our first ever Craft Off on the theme of Our City and it was a resounding success. Thanks so much to our fabulous judge, local artist Isa Hooper, for choosing the winners. The winners are:

Owls: 1. Rose, 2 Giulio
Flamingos: 1 Tess, 2 Wilf, 3 Ellie
Woodpeckers: 1 Clara, 2 Ted 3 Sophia
Eagles: 1 Hashir, 2 Max
For the Group submission 1 Anatole & Edoardo 2 Izzy and Leon, 3 Lucien & Aldous

You can take a look at some of our school’s fantastic entries here.