Sadly Park Street is closed at the moment, and even I am not able to go in. Everybody needs to stay at home, including me, and only make essential journeys.

However, there is lots going on at home for our children! I have asked parents to share pictures of activities and creations they are working on with the children at home. It includes some children’s instructions for getting rid of the virus, football training, getting a feel for what it would be like to write in space like an astronaut, making a model of Hedingham Castle and some great bird drawings.

I am engaged in answering emails and using Microsoft Teams to stay in touch, and doing a little knitting when I get the chance!

On Wednesday, we will have a virtual staff meeting using Teams and after Easter, we will be having some Teams sessions for children and parents to log in to.

Please all take care and stay healthy.
Best wishes,

Sarah Hawker, Headteacher