Whole school:   94.9 % today, 92.9% so far this year.

% Attendance today                 % Attendance this year so far

Owl Class                       92.3%                                              92.1%

Robin Class                    100%                                              92.5%

Woodpecker Class        93.9%                                             93.6%

Eagle Class                    94.9%                                              93.9%

Whilst we have been through some difficult times with Covid-19, we are really hoping to improve attendance at Park Street over this term. All children should be in school at least 95% of the time, in normal circumstances. As you know, pupils need to attend school regularly to benefit fully from their education.  Missing out on lessons leaves children very vulnerable to falling behind.  Please do not book holidays in term time, and let the office know if your child will be absent for any reason.

Prospective Parents

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With only 120 pupils, relationships are at the heart of the school, where every member of staff knows our children and families well.

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